Troubleshooting: Accessing Camera and Location

You might come across some issues when trying to access the camera and location information of a device from Business Central. You can find the possible causes behind these problems and how to work around them listed below.

Device must have Camera and Location Capabilities

In order to access the camera or a user's location from a device, the device must have a physical camera or the capability to retrieve location information, respectively.

If your device has camera and location capabilities but you still encounter problems, it is possible that some drivers need updating or reinstalling. Even if you are unsure, we always recommend you update your device operating system, drivers, and browser to the latest version for the best experience.

Access Permissions not Enabled

You must enable general access to camera and location from your device's privacy settings and explicitly give permission to Business Central to access them. For example, to see or change permissions for a device running on Windows, go to Settings, choose Privacy, and then App permissions.

For mobile devices, you must give camera and location access permissions to the Business Central Mobile App. To do so for an iOS device, go to Settings, choose Privacy, and then Camera or Location. For Android devices go to Settings, choose Apps & Notifications, Advanced, Permission Manager, and then Camera or Location.

In addition, if you are using Business Central in a browser, you must also grant the Business Central site permission to access the camera or location information. To see or change a site's permissions in the Microsoft Edge browser, go to Settings, choose Site Permissions, and then Camera or Location. Note that this might be different for other browsers.

By default, the device or browser will pop up a request to access these capabilities when the user activates them for the first time.


Some old browsers do not grant access to camera and location. For example, camera is not available in Internet Explorer or the legacy Edge browser.

Web Client Connection not Secure

The camera and location capabilities are only available when accessing the Web Client through SSL secured HTTP connections, using the https:// URI scheme.

The only exception is connecting to http://localhost, used for development and test purposes.

Work with Virtualization Technologies

When connecting to Business Central through Remote Desktop or another virtualization, the access to camera or location might not be available. If this is the case, use the physical system instead.

Antivirus Software

Some antivirus software block access to camera and location by default. Remember to check your antivirus software settings.

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