UII actions in Unified Service Desk

UII action is a concept inherited from User Interface Integration (UII). UII actions are the core of a hosted control, and define a specific operation that can be performed when called. UII action can be thought of as the public methods that can be called from external components, and are the subject of action calls in Unified Service Desk for Dynamics 365. A hosted control cannot interact with the rest of the application if no UII action is defined or available for the hosted control.

For each predefined hosted control type in Unified Service Desk, a set of predefined UII actions are available. For information about predefined UII actions available for each hosted control type, see Hosted control types and action/event reference. If you are developing a custom hosted control, it is not enough to just override the DoAction method in the code to handle a specific action for the hosted control. You must explicitly define the action in the UII Actions list for the custom hosted control, thereby enabling the user to call it using action calls. For more information about explicitly defining a UII action for a custom hosted control, see Create custom Unified Service Desk hosted control.

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