Notify people with comments

This sample shows how to add comments to a cell including @mentioning a colleague.

Example scenario

The team lead maintains the shift schedule. They assign an employee ID to the shift record. If the team lead wishes to notify the employee, they add a comment that @mentions the employee. The employee is emailed with a custom message from the worksheet. Subsequently, the employee can view the workbook and respond to the comment at their convenience.


  1. The script extracts employee information from the employee worksheet.
  2. The script then adds a comment (including the relevant employee email) to the appropriate cell in the shift record.
  3. Existing comments in the cell are removed before adding the new comment.

Setup: Sample Excel file

This workbook contains the data, objects, and formatting expected by the script.

Sample code: Add comments

Add the following script to the sample workbook and try the sample yourself!

function main(workbook: ExcelScript.Workbook) {
  // Get the list of employees.
  const employees = workbook.getWorksheet('Employees').getUsedRange().getTexts();

  // Get the schedule information from the schedule table.
  const scheduleSheet = workbook.getWorksheet('Schedule');
  const table = scheduleSheet.getTables()[0];
  const range = table.getRangeBetweenHeaderAndTotal();
  const scheduleData = range.getTexts();

  // Find old comments, so we can delete them later.
  const oldCommentAddresses = scheduleSheet.getComments().map(oldComment => oldComment.getLocation().getAddress());

  // Look through the schedule for a matching employee.
  for (let i = 0; i < scheduleData.length; i++) {
    const employeeId = scheduleData[i][3];

    // Compare the employee ID in the schedule against the employee information table.
    const employeeInfo = employees.find(employeeRow => employeeRow[0] === employeeId);
    if (employeeInfo) {
      const adminNotes = scheduleData[i][4];
      const commentCell = range.getCell(i, 5);

      // Delete old comments, so we avoid conflicts.
      if (oldCommentAddresses.find(oldCommentAddress => oldCommentAddress === commentCell.getAddress())) {
        const comment = workbook.getCommentByCell(commentCell);

      // Add a comment using the admin notes as the text.
      workbook.addComment(commentCell, {
        mentions: [{
          email: employeeInfo[1],
          id: 0, // This ID maps this mention to the `id=0` text in the comment.
          name: employeeInfo[2]
        richContent: `<at id=\"0\">${employeeInfo[2]}</at> ${adminNotes}`
      }, ExcelScript.ContentType.mention);
    } else {
      console.log("No match for: " + employeeId);