Glossary for driver flighting measures

The following terms are of importance to driver flighting measures.

Term Definition
Adoption count The number of machines that have installed a specific driver
Current value The value that has been determined by telemetry and the measure’s calculation logic at the time of evaluation
Device class A specific type of component, like a graphics card or Wi-Fi chip
Device-class measures Measures only applied to drivers of the same device-class
Ecosystem audience A driver audience that expands the submission label’s CHID/HWID targeting to any machine with the same or identical driver
Flighting audience The set of machines that are eligible for a driver in the Windows Insider Program (WIP)
Hardware Dev Center (HDC) Partners submit drivers to this Microsoft service to initiate the driver approval process
Measure An aggregation of telemetry scoped to a driver’s use case, to determine the driver’s quality
Minimum population The smallest number of machines needed to activate a measure
Myriad ratio A myriad is set of 10,000 units; a myriad ratio is a numerator and denominator normalized to 10,000
Passing criteria The minimum bar of quality that a measure’s current value must meet for the measure to succeed
Retail audience The set of machines that is eligible for a driver in the general Windows ecosystem
Standard audience A driver audience that uses the same targeting metadata maintains the CHID/HWID/metadata targeting in the submission label
Systemic measures Measures applied to every driver that monitor the driver’s installation capability and impact on the machine
Telemetry Information from a customers’ machines that is collected by Microsoft to gauge quality, triage problems, and provide insights on the ecosystem
Windows Insider Program (WIP) Users opt-in to WIP for access to early feature, application, OS, and Driver updates from Microsoft. These users’ machines send all their data back to Microsoft to validate the quality of an update.
Windows Update (WU) Microsoft service that distributes updates to Windows users