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Windows Privacy Guide Microsoft collects data through multiple interactions with users of Windows devices. This information can contain personal data that may be used to provide, secure and improve Windows, and to provide connected experiences. Windows provides comprehensive transparency features, settings choices, controls, and support for data subject requests.
Configure Windows diagnostic data This article describes the types of Windows diagnostic data sent back to Microsoft and the ways you can manage it within your organization.
Changes to Windows diagnostic data collection Microsoft is committed to providing you with effective controls over your data and ongoing transparency into our data handling practices. As part of this effort, we've moved our major products and services to a model where data sent back to Microsoft from customer devices is classified as either Required or Optional. We believe this change provides our customers with a simpler experience – information should be easier to find, easier to understand, and easier to act upon through the tools we provide.
Diagnostic Data Viewer The Diagnostic Data Viewer allows you to review the Windows diagnostic data your device is sending to Microsoft, grouping the info into simple categories based on how it's used by Microsoft.
Manage connections to Microsoft Services This article describes the network connections that Windows components make to Microsoft. You can evaluate connections Windows makes to Microsoft services you want to turn off using the instructions in this article.

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