Default TFVC permissions

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All members of the Contributors group with Basic access can contribute to a TFVC repository. The most common built-in groups include Readers, Contributors, and Project Administrators. These groups are assigned the default permissions for contributing to the repository as listed below.


Tasks such as create, delete, or rename a TFVC repository are not supported. Once a TFVC repository is created you can't delete it. Also, you can only have one TFVC repository per project. This is different from Git repositories which allow for adding, renaming, and deleting multiple repositories.




Build Admins

Project Admins

Check in, Label, Lock, Merge, Pend a change in a server workspace, Read

Read only




Administer labels, Manage branches, Manage permissions, Revise other users' changes, Undo other users' changes, Unlock other users' changes


To change permissions for TFVC repositories or branches, see Set TFVC repository permissions.


To quickly find a permission or setting defined for a project or organization, use the Organization search setting feature.