Ad-hoc data analysis

Sometimes you need to analyse data in Business Central in a way that the standard reports don't support. These analyses are often called "ad-hoc." The following table provides links to articles that can help you learn how to do ad-hoc analyses.

To See
Learn how to analyse data by sorting, searching, and filtering it. Sorting, Searching, and Filtering and Searching and Filtering FAQ
View and analyse data from a page in Microsoft Excel View and Edit in Excel
View and analyse data from a report dataset in Excel Analysing Report Data with Excel and XML
Analyse list data directly from a page Analyse list data using data analysis mode

Ad-hoc data analysis by functional area

The general content about ad-hoc data analysis is also available in special versions for many of the functional areas in Business Central.

If you work with... See
Finance Ad-hoc analysis on finance data
Fixed Assets Ad-hoc analysis of fixed assets data
Sales Ad-hoc analysis of sales data
Purchasing Ad-hoc analysis of purchasing data
Inventory Ad-hoc analysis of inventory data
Auditing Ad-hoc analysis of change log data
Analyse user status by licence type

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