Finding Related Entries for Documents

Learn how to find documents and entries that are related to each other based on a piece of common information, like:

  • Document number or posting date.
  • Business contact type, number, or external document number.
  • Item serial number or lot number.

This feature is useful for finding the ledger entries that resulted from certain transactions. When you search by document number, you can print the summary from the Document Entries report.

Get started

The find entries feature is readily available from almost any page by pressing the Ctrl+Alt+Q keys. From pages that specifically display posted documents or posted document entries—for both lists and cards—you can also open the feature by choosing the Find entries action.

The Find Entries page includes all related documents and entries based on the document no. and posting date. The page is divided into three sections:

  • The top section displays fields and actions that you use for filtering your search.
  • The middle section displays related documents based on the search.
  • The bottom section displays information about the source document that was found by searching.

Search for entries

You can search for entries based on information about either the document, business contact, or item reference. On the top section, select one of the following options based on the type of information you have:

Action Description
Search for documents View entries based on a specific document number or posting date.
Search for business contacts View entries based on a specific contact type, contact number, and/or external document number. This last option allows you to search for vendor or customer documents by using the number assigned by the contact.
Search for item references View entries based on a serial number or lot number. You can enter the lot number or serial number, or filter on the lot number or serial number that you want to search for. This action is useful to see where a specific item tracking number was used, what vendor it came from, or what customer it was sold to.

After you make a selection, enter the relevant search information in the fields at the top of the page. Hover over a field to read a short description. When you're finished, choose Find to start the search. If you change any of the filters, you have to choose Find again.


For a couple of examples about using Find Entries, see Trace Item-Tracked Items and Walkthrough: Tracing Serial-Lot Numbers.

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