Manually overwriting sample website

The standard process of updating an event management website is to download a newer version and run the provided script to push the changes to the Dynamics 365 Marketing instance described in Power Apps portal hosted.

There are situations where it is not possible to push the new website definition because of the changes to the underlying portal web pages. Portal web pages, web templates, and web files are used to host the event website when you host the website through Power Apps portal hosted. You need to update these entities manually if you make any changes to these entities. There is no automatic mechanism to update from version to version as it breaks the customer customizations.

The web pages, web templates, and web files are packaged into solution files to import them into the Dynamics 365 Marketing instance using The Configuration Migration tool.

As these entities differ from version to version, there is a separate zip file for every event management release. Download the zip file version that corresponds to your current event management solution version installed in your Dynamics 365 Marketing instance. To do that, open your instance and navigate to the settings > solutions section. Note which MicrosoftDynamics_EventManagement solution version you have.

If the event management solution version is 1.12.1006, then search for MicrosoftDynamics_EventManagement_patch solution file. Copy the version and use it to download the corresponding archive.

See the following table to download the appropriate zip file containing data. If the build number differs from the one in the table, for example, 1.12.2326 instead of 1.12.2327, you can still use the archive having the corresponding major and minor version, in this case, you can still use 1.12.2327 archive.

Manually overwriting the event management website overwrites the possible customizations that are made on the website, copy those customizations in a repository outside of the instance. After overwriting the website files, you can use standard DeployToDynamics365Instance.ps1 script to bring your customizations back to the instance. More information: Deploy your portal hosted websites.


Newer versions of Portal Data will be available once new features and bug fixes are released.

Release Version Download link
1.12.10046 (September 2022 Release) Download
1.12.10034 (April 2021 Release) Download
1.12.10030 (December 2020 Release) Download
1.12.10028 (October 2020 Release) Download
1.12.10027 (September 2020 Release) Download
1.12.10024 (June 2020 Release) Download
1.12.10023 (May 2020 Release) Download
1.12.10022 (April 2020 Release) Download
1.12.10021 (March 2020 Release) Download
1.12.10020 (February 2020 Release) Download
1.12.10019 (December 2019 Release) Download
1.12.2801 (October 2019 Release) Download
1.12.2701 (September 2019 Release) Download
1.12.2630 (August 2019 Release) Download
1.12.2327 (April 2019 Release) Download
1.12.1006 (March 2019 Release) Download
1.11.1005 (February 2019 Release) Download
1.10.1008 (December 2018 Release) Download
1.9.1014 (November 2018 Release) Download
1.8.1010 (October 2018 Release) Download
1.7.1007 (September 2018 Release) Download
1.6.1002 (August 2018 Release) Download
1.5.1006 (July 2018 Release) Download
1.4.1006 (May 2018 Release) Download
1.3.1021 (April 2018 Release) Download
1.2.1016 (March 2018 Release) Download
1.1.1006 (February 2018 Release) Download
1.0.1005 (Public Preview) Download