Cloud connecting with co-management

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Co-management adds new functionality to your existing Configuration Manager deployment, without changing how you already work. When you enable co-management, you immediately begin benefitting from the cloud. You can apply that value to your existing management infrastructure and processes.

In this co-management quickstart series, see how you can quickly drive new management value. Co-management is built to create features and tools you can use right now.

In the following video, Microsoft corporate vice president Brad Anderson introduces this co-management series:

Immediate value Getting started
- Conditional access
- Remote actions from Intune
- Client health
- Hybrid Microsoft Entra ID
- Windows Autopilot
- Paths to co-management
- Set up hybrid Microsoft Entra ID
- Upgrade Windows
- Get help from FastTrack

Immediate value

Title Description Link
Conditional access with device compliance Control user access to corporate resources based on compliance rules from Intune. Thumbnail of conditional access video.
Remote actions from Intune Run remote actions from Intune for co-managed devices. For example, wipe and reset a device and maintain enrollment and account. Thumbnail of remote actions video.
Configuration Manager client health Maintain visibility of Configuration Manager client health from the Microsoft Intune admin center. Thumbnail of client health video.
Microsoft Entra ID With Microsoft Entra ID you can take advantage of improved productivity for your users and security for your resources, across both cloud and on-prem environments. Thumbnail of hybrid Microsoft Entra video.
Windows Autopilot Reduce time, resources, and complexity associated with deploying, managing, and retiring or recycling devices. Autopilot also creates a better experience for end users. Thumbnail of Windows Autopilot video.

Getting started

If you want to enable co-management, start here to unblock the technical concerns you may have.

Title Description Link
Paths to co-management There are two primary ways for you to set up co-management, and it's important to understand the prerequisites for each path. Each path requires some combination of Microsoft Entra ID, ConfigMgr, Intune, and Windows client. Learn more about paths to co-management.
Set up hybrid Microsoft Entra ID If your environment currently has domain-joined Windows 10 or later devices, set up hybrid Microsoft Entra ID before you can enable co-management. Thumbnail of hybrid Microsoft Entra ID set up video.
Upgrade Windows A supported version of Windows 10 or later is required for co-management. Thumbnail of upgrade Windows 10 video.
Get help from FastTrack The FastTrack organization is a large group of Microsoft engineers who specialize in helping all types of organizations deploy Microsoft 365 apps, including setting up co-management. Thumbnail of FastTrack video.