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EnergizeIT 2010 – Anything is Possible!

Hi I’m Christian Beauclair, Senior Developer Advisor at Microsoft Canada. In today’s ever-changing economic climate developers, IT Professionals, IT architects, and managers are all tasked with finding new ways to increase productivity, reduce costs, and help their organization move forward. Flexibility is the key. Understanding the possibilities of technology to help solve these real-world requirements is more important than ever and we want to help.

EnergizeIT 2010 is about what’s possible and how you can help satisfy business requirements while increasing IT and end-user productivity. Through a series of activities online and events across Canada, we will show you how to take advantage of the Microsoft-based platform to help your organization navigate the choppy waters of the current reality, and help provide guidance on how to get there.

You will have the opportunity to learn how to help reduce capital costs while increasing scalability through Microsoft’s approach of bringing together the best aspects of Software and the best aspects of the Internet - Software+Services. We’ll also show you the value and potential of the new Office 2010 platform, including SharePoint 2010, to take the way you work to the next level, and how to develop the next generation of applications, both on premise and for the Cloud, using Visual Studio 2010. You will see how the power of the Microsoft-based platform can help you– developer, IT Pro, IT architect, enthusiast – through lots of demos and few slides..

Finally, you will have an opportunity to interact with your peers, local experts, and Microsoft Canada advisors to share your challenges and learn from their experience.

REGISTER NOW for one or more of the EnergizeIT 2010 events or activities scheduled this spring by visiting each website listed below. Take advantage of the activities the EnergizeIT program has to offer.

EnergizeIT 2010 Series Line Up


From the Client to the Cloud Tour


Registration is now available for you to attend this complimentary full day EnergizeIT event where we will help you to understand Microsoft’s Software+Services vision using a combination of demonstrations and break-outs. You will find out about the possibilities that these technologies help realize and the value that they can bring to your organization and yourself.


Community Connection Event Series


This is an encore presentation to the full day EnergizeIT 2010 event. In this evening Community Connection event will help you understand Microsoft’s Software+Services vision. You will find out about the possibilities that these technologies help realize and the value that they can bring to your organization and yourself.

Install Fest for Office 2010


Come join your peers in the local community to install Office 2010 on your personal machine to discover all the new ways that Office will help improve your personal and professional life.

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EnergizeIT Online Series


Check out EnergizeIT podcasts to listen in on how products like Visual Studio 2010, Team Foundation Server 2010, Office Web Applications, and SharePoint 2010 will enable you to deliver innovative solutions and better efficiency for your organization.

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