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Azure Backend Design

Wits and Warfare is a game that uses the Microsoft Azure Platform as a backend service to store and process game and user data. There are 4 major elements of the game that use Azure in some way or another. Player data, game data, replay data, and trivia.

Wits and Warfare

Wits and Warfare is a game that uses the player’s intellect as well as strategy to battle and defend against other players. It is a fully 3D experience that is unheard of with empire building games and also combines trivia aspects within the empire building genre.

Game Premise

Mad scientists are competing to have their notion of the ‘Universal Theory’ to be the one and only theory. Players select from one of five mad scientists to play and build their laboratory base to collect more data. Other scientists are also out to sabotage your base and steal Logic or Creative data, so players will need to protect and defend their laboratory from rival scientists (other players).

The Mad Scientists

Players have five mad scientists that they can choose from. All will have an impact on the visuals within the game as well as the gameplay. Each scientist will impact the appearance of all structures, environments, and troops and each scientist will have a trait that will affect the gameplay (traits have not yet been implemented in this build yet, but will be in for final release).


Azure Backend Design

Sitryne Tactics used Windows Virtual Machines to power their servers using Photon. Also, Azure mobile services were used to handle the leaderboard data.

Sitryne Tactics

Sitryne tactics offers a multiplayer experience where humans and bots fight on a free for all battlefield. Spend countless hours leading the scoreboard and finding new strategies to beat your opponents.

Game Premise

At the end of each match, every player is awarded points that increase his or her cumulative score. This score determines your position on the leaderboard. Although you can increase your cumulative score just by playing, you gain far more points by winning. All matches in Sitryne Tactics are four players but these players can either be humans or bots.

Let the best Human, Orc, Undead or Elf win

With four teams to choose from, enjoy this epic cross-species battle. Arrows, magic and brute force with help you achieve victory as a tactician.


Azure Backend Design

The multiplayer VR action used Windows Virtual Machines to power the gameplay server and an Ubuntu Linux Virtual Machine to host all game related websites. All data levels were also stored on Azure Mobile Services.


DAWT is a multiplayer VR action game with elements of Pac Man, Bomber man and other maze games from the 80's. It features: Oculus Rift Support, controller support, destructible walls, multiple in-game powers (Dash, Bomb), multiple maze platforms, and a death match mode.

Game Premise

The goal of the game is to outlive all the other players in a match. Each player starts with three (3) lives. To defeat another player either dash into them or blow them up with a bomb. Using special powers costs dots. Dash costs 5 dots, firing a bomb costs 10.

Get Immersed!

DAWT makes you dive in into a different dimension. For those of us lucky enough to have played Bomberman or Pac Man, it will take you back in time while providing an accelerating 3D action packed shooting extravaganza. For all the rest, get ready for a new kind of action.


Azure Backend Design

Words3 has a unique Machine Learning component that helps build better puzzles with every game played. Also, used Mobile Services for both gameplay stats and analytics.


Words³ is a 3­Dimensional word search game played worldwide against a multitude of players in 4-minute tournament style rounds.

Game Premise

Players attempt to locate as many words as they can on the current puzzle within the 3 allowed minutes. Words are worth different score values depending on complexity and obscurity, with the final score and number of words found determining the player’s position on the resulting leaderboard. There are 3 different puzzle shapes which each test a different balance of memorization, spatial thinking and linguistics.

Set your Mindset

As the game is set up as a tournament, time is critical to the success of the player which should imbue a sense of urgency. At the same time, meticulousness and thoroughness are also required, so be ready to stretch your mind to its limits.


Azure Backend Design

GoVenture World used Azure Web Apps with SQL database to host both the codebase and the data for the game. Also made use of the Scheduler with WebJobs to run and manage gameplay elements.

GoVenture World

GoVenture World is a massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG). Unlike other business games, it's a live role­playing experience that becomes integrated into your daily life. Players can choose to start manufacturing or retail businesses. They can choose to be lawyers, marketers, or investors, and interact with other players.

Game Premise

People playing are encouraged to think and make decisions like real entrepreneurs, and to interact with other players the way business people do. The economics and markets in the game behave just as they would in the real world, under similar circumstances.

Real Learning

The idea is that the gameplay experience should be so authentic that you would add it to your resume to help get a job and further your career. Whether you play for fun, or to further your skills, this games promises to be immersive and engaging.


Azure Backend Design

Azure Web Services were an integral part of Neongo; it was used with Node.JS and Parse DB for connection and player information. Azure Virtual Machines were also used to story play history and decide what questions are being sent.


Neongo is a tool to help people pass the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). It has 7,500 questions to teach 4,500 Japanese words, and uses space repetition as the learning technique. Space repetition is a method of learning where one repeats the same question with a variable time space.

Game Premise

This game is educational with a competitive element. The goal is to have people compete remotely in their browser on material they've previously learned.

The Old Samurai Way

Challenge friends and strangers to make your way to the top of the scoreboard. Discipline and perseverance will guide your way as you become a master in the Japanese language.


Azure Backend Design

Warlord used a powerful combination of Azure services. Virtual Machines to host their servers, SQL for data storage and SendGrid with Azure to notify players and provide important account information.

Warlords 1944

Warlords 1944 is an online 2-player strategy game, that uses traditional board game gameplay powered with great computer graphics.

Game Premise

Win the game by conquering your enemy’s territory, capturing their flag or taking care of all of their units. Strategy becomes of the essence, but also quick thinking as players might steal each other’s turn if they take too long to make their next move.

Tiny Soldiers, Big Fight

Beat your opponents using your best strategy and a bit of luck. Organize your battalion and get ready to see some tiny plastic soldier unleashing a world of pain upon each other.

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