Virtual Machines


Assess Patches

Assess patches on the VM.

Attach Detach Data Disks

Attach and detach data disks to/from the virtual machine.


Captures the VM by copying virtual hard disks of the VM and outputs a template that can be used to create similar VMs.

Convert To Managed Disks

Converts virtual machine disks from blob-based to managed disks. Virtual machine must be stop-deallocated before invoking this operation.

Create Or Update

The operation to create or update a virtual machine. Please note some properties can be set only during virtual machine creation.


Shuts down the virtual machine and releases the compute resources. You are not billed for the compute resources that this virtual machine uses.


The operation to delete a virtual machine.


Sets the OS state of the virtual machine to generalized. It is recommended to sysprep the virtual machine before performing this operation. For Windows, please ...


Retrieves information about the model view or the instance view of a virtual machine.

Install Patches

Installs patches on the VM.

Instance View

Retrieves information about the run-time state of a virtual machine.


Lists all of the virtual machines in the specified resource group. Use the nextLink property in the response to get the next page of virtual machines.

List All

Lists all of the virtual machines in the specified subscription. Use the nextLink property in the response to get the next page of virtual machines.

List Available Sizes

Lists all available virtual machine sizes to which the specified virtual machine can be resized.

List By Location

Gets all the virtual machines under the specified subscription for the specified location.

Perform Maintenance

The operation to perform maintenance on a virtual machine.

Power Off

The operation to power off (stop) a virtual machine. The virtual machine can be restarted with the same provisioned resources. You are still charged for this vi...


The operation to reapply a virtual machine's state.


Shuts down the virtual machine, moves it to a new node, and powers it back on.


Reimages (upgrade the operating system) a virtual machine which don't have a ephemeral OS disk, for virtual machines who have a ephemeral OS disk the virtual ma...


The operation to restart a virtual machine.

Retrieve Boot Diagnostics Data

The operation to retrieve SAS URIs for a virtual machine's boot diagnostic logs.

Run Command

Run command on the VM.

Simulate Eviction

The operation to simulate the eviction of spot virtual machine.


The operation to start a virtual machine.


The operation to update a virtual machine.