Policy CSP - CredentialsDelegation


This CSP contains ADMX-backed policies which require a special SyncML format to enable or disable. You must specify the data type in the SyncML as <Format>chr</Format>. For details, see Understanding ADMX-backed policies.

The payload of the SyncML must be XML-encoded; for this XML encoding, there are a variety of online encoders that you can use. To avoid encoding the payload, you can use CDATA if your MDM supports it. For more information, see CDATA Sections.


Scope Editions Applicable OS
✅ Device
❌ User
✅ Pro
✅ Enterprise
✅ Education
✅ Windows SE
✅ IoT Enterprise / IoT Enterprise LTSC
✅ Windows 10, version 1803 [10.0.17134] and later

Remote host allows delegation of non-exportable credentials.

When using credential delegation, devices provide an exportable version of credentials to the remote host. This exposes users to the risk of credential theft from attackers on the remote host.

  • If you enable this policy setting, the host supports Restricted Admin or Remote Credential Guard mode.

  • If you disable or don't configure this policy setting, Restricted Administration and Remote Credential Guard mode aren't supported. User will always need to pass their credentials to the host.

Description framework properties:

Property name Property value
Format chr (string)
Access Type Add, Delete, Get, Replace


This is an ADMX-backed policy and requires SyncML format for configuration. For an example of SyncML format, refer to Enabling a policy.

ADMX mapping:

Name Value
Name AllowProtectedCreds
Friendly Name Remote host allows delegation of non-exportable credentials
Location Computer Configuration
Path System > Credentials Delegation
Registry Key Name Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\CredentialsDelegation
Registry Value Name AllowProtectedCreds
ADMX File Name CredSsp.admx

Policy configuration service provider