AddAzureOpenAIChatCompletion() method not invoking Kernel Functions while using own data.

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I am using a semantic kernel package in that we have a method named AddAzureOpenAIChatCompletion() which takes three parameters. This method is able to invoke my kernel functions which i created.
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But when i am using the overloaded method which takes AzureOpenAIChatCompletionWithDataConfig as parameter through this method i am passing my own data. In the runtime it is not invoking my kernel functions.

var config = new AzureOpenAIChatCompletionWithDataConfig
CompletionApiKey = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", 
CompletionApiVersion = "2023-08-01-preview",
CompletionEndpoint = "", 
CompletionModelId = "abcgpt4",
DataSourceApiKey = "XXXXXXXX
DataSourceEndpoint = "",
DataSourceIndex = "abc-sample-index"
builder.Services.AddKernel().AddAzureOpenAIChatCompletion(config: config).Plugins.AddFromType<Dairy Farm>();

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I getting response generated using my own data but my kernel functions aren't getting invoked when i have a request which requires kernel function. But I would like to use my own data as well as the kernel functions to generate the responses.

Kindly look into this issue. I would be glad if the issue is resolved as soon as possible.

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