OMS customers can now use Azure Security Center to protect their hybrid cloud workloads

With the recent release of Azure Security Center support for hybrid cloud workloads, Operations Management Suite (OMS) Security & Compliance customers can start using Security Center to unify security management and threat protection across Azure, on-premises, and other clouds. Security Center will automatically discover and monitor security for computers already connected to OMS Security & Compliance solutions, and you can easily connect additional computers by installing the Microsoft Monitoring Agent as you do today.  

Azure Security Center now includes the same security management capabilities currently available in the OMS Security & Compliance solution, including: 

  • Security data collection, search, and analysis 
  • Notable events driven by predefined and custom queries 
  • Security assessment dashboards, including system update status, antimalware protection state, OS baseline configurations, and identity and access 
  • Inventory of connected computers 
  • Advanced threat detection 
  • Interactive threat intelligence map 

In addition, Security Center offers: 

  • Security policies to ensure compliance with company and regulatory security standards 
  • Actionable security recommendations to help mitigate security vulnerabilities 
  • Automatic discovery and monitoring of new Azure resources 
  • Additional security assessments for Azure services, including monitoring of VM, network, storage, and SQL configurations 
  • Adaptive application and just in time access controls for Azure virtual machines 
  • Security incidents and streamlined investigation for rapid threat response 

Most of these features will be enabled by default, but you will need to assign the Security Center Standard pricing tier to the Subscription or Resource Group containing your virtual machines to enable just in time VM access, dynamic application controls, and network threat detection for Azure resources. You can do this in the Security Center, Security Policy, Pricing Tier settings. There is no additional cost for OMS Security & Compliance customers to use Security Center. You can also connect Azure resources discovered by Security Center to your existing workspace in the Security Policy, Data Collection settings. 

OMS customers can continue to use the Security & Compliance solution as they do today or they can use Security Center to take advantage of the extended capabilities detailed above. New customers can onboard hybrid resources directly to Azure Security Center. 

See the Security Center documentation to learn more.