Quickstart: Choose a catalog and claim your device

Every device must be claimed into an Azure Sphere catalog. Claiming the device associates its unique, immutable device ID with your Azure Sphere catalog. The device ID is used to identify and authenticate the device.


Currently, a few early Seeed Azure Sphere MT3620 Development Kits require a manual update. If you have a kit that has never been used, update the OS manually now so that you can log in, claim your device, and connect your device to the internet. If you have any other type of dev kit (including the Seeed MT3620 Mini Dev Board), or if you have already used your Seeed Azure Sphere MT3620 Development Kit, the OS will be updated as soon as you connect the device to the internet; manual update is not required.


Sign in to Azure

  1. Connect your device over USB.

  2. Open a command-line interface using PowerShell, Windows Command Prompt, or Linux command shell.

  3. Sign in to Azure Sphere, using a Microsoft account:

    az login


If your browser does not open after typing az login, use az login --use-device-code to obtain a code. Enter this code at https://microsoft.com/devicelogin to complete the login process.

Choose a catalog

After successful login, you'll need to choose a default Azure Sphere catalog. To list available catalogs, use az sphere catalog list.

  • If you don't have access to any catalogs, you'll need to create a catalog.
  • If you have access to one or more catalogs, select one and proceed to the next step.

Claim the device


  • Claiming a device is a one-time operation that you cannot undo even if the device is sold or transferred to another person or organization. A device can be claimed only once. Once claimed, the device is permanently associated with the Azure Sphere catalog.
  • Record the username you used to claim the device and the catalog you claimed it into.
  • You must have Administrator or Contributor permissions to claim a device in the Azure Sphere catalog.

Claim your device. After you claim your device into a catalog, you cannot move it to a different catalog.

Claim the device using CLI

az sphere device claim --resource-group MyResourceGroup --catalog MyCatalog --device <DeviceIdValue>

You should see output like this:

Claiming device.
Successfully claimed device ID '<device ID>' into catalog '<name>' with ID '143adbc9-1bf0-4be2-84a2-084a331d81cb'.

Claim the device using the portal

    • Sign in to the Azure Portal.
    • To locate the Azure Sphere service, in the top search bar, enter and select Azure Sphere. The Azure Sphere page is displayed.
  1. Go to the Devices page to list all available devices.
  2. Select Claim from the menu at the top of the page.
  3. Enter the device ID of the device you want to claim. You can enter a maximum of 5 device IDs at a time.
  4. Select Claim at the bottom of the page.

For more information, see Claim devices or Claim bulk devices.

Next steps