Minimal ingestion profile for control plane Metrics in Managed Prometheus

Azure Monitor metrics addon collects many Prometheus metrics by default. Minimal ingestion profile is a setting that helps reduce ingestion volume of metrics, as only metrics used by default dashboards, default recording rules and default alerts are collected. This article describes how this setting is configured specifically for control plane metrics. This article also lists metrics collected by default when minimal ingestion profile is enabled.


For addon based collection, Minimal ingestion profile setting is enabled by default. The discussion here is focused on control plane metrics. The current set of default targets and metrics is listed here.

Following targets are enabled/ON by default - meaning you don't have to provide any scrape job configuration for scraping these targets, as metrics addon scrapes these targets automatically by default:

  • controlplane-apiserver (job=controlplane-apiserver)
  • controlplane-etcd (job=controlplane-etcd)

Following targets are available to scrape, but scraping isn't enabled (disabled/OFF) by default. Meaning you don't have to provide any scrape job configuration for scraping these targets, and you need to turn ON/enable scraping for these targets using the ama-metrics-settings-configmap under the default-scrape-settings-enabled section.

  • controlplane-cluster-autoscaler
  • controlplane-kube-scheduler
  • controlplane-kube-controller-manager


The default scrape frequency for all default targets and scrapes is 30 seconds. You can override it for each target using the ama-metrics-settings-configmap under default-targets-scrape-interval-settings section.

Minimal ingestion for default ON targets

The following metrics are allow-listed with minimalingestionprofile=true for default ON targets. The below metrics are collected by default, as these targets are scraped by default.


  • apiserver_request_total
  • apiserver_cache_list_fetched_objects_total
  • apiserver_cache_list_returned_objects_total
  • apiserver_flowcontrol_demand_seats_average
  • apiserver_flowcontrol_current_limit_seats
  • apiserver_request_sli_duration_seconds_bucket
  • apiserver_request_sli_duration_seconds_sum
  • apiserver_request_sli_duration_seconds_count
  • process_start_time_seconds
  • apiserver_request_duration_seconds_bucket
  • apiserver_request_duration_seconds_sum
  • apiserver_request_duration_seconds_count
  • apiserver_storage_list_fetched_objects_total
  • apiserver_storage_list_returned_objects_total
  • apiserver_current_inflight_requests


  • etcd_server_has_leader
  • rest_client_requests_total
  • etcd_mvcc_db_total_size_in_bytes
  • etcd_mvcc_db_total_size_in_use_in_bytes
  • etcd_server_slow_read_indexes_total
  • etcd_server_slow_apply_total
  • etcd_network_client_grpc_sent_bytes_total
  • etcd_server_heartbeat_send_failures_total

Minimal ingestion for default OFF targets

The following are metrics that are allow-listed with minimalingestionprofile=true for default OFF targets. These metrics aren't collected by default. You can turn ON scraping for these targets using default-scrape-settings-enabled.<target-name>=true using the ama-metrics-settings-configmap under the default-scrape-settings-enabled section.


  • workqueue_depth
  • rest_client_requests_total
  • rest_client_request_duration_seconds


  • scheduler_pending_pods
  • scheduler_unschedulable_pods
  • scheduler_queue_incoming_pods_total
  • scheduler_schedule_attempts_total
  • scheduler_preemption_attempts_total


  • rest_client_requests_total
  • cluster_autoscaler_last_activity
  • cluster_autoscaler_cluster_safe_to_autoscale
  • cluster_autoscaler_failed_scale_ups_total
  • cluster_autoscaler_scale_down_in_cooldown
  • cluster_autoscaler_scaled_up_nodes_total
  • cluster_autoscaler_unneeded_nodes_count
  • cluster_autoscaler_unschedulable_pods_count
  • cluster_autoscaler_nodes_count
  • cloudprovider_azure_api_request_errors
  • cloudprovider_azure_api_request_duration_seconds_bucket
  • cloudprovider_azure_api_request_duration_seconds_count


The CPU and memory usage metrics for all control-plane targets are not exposed irrespective of the profile.


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