Azure Database for PostgreSQL server support matrix

You can use Azure Backup to protect Azure Database for PostgreSQL server. This article summarizes supported regions, scenarios, and the limitations.

Supported regions

Azure Database for PostgreSQL server backup is available in the following regions:

East US, East US 2, Central US, South Central US, West US, West US 2, West Central US, Brazil South, Canada Central, North Europe, West Europe, UK South, UK West, Germany West Central, Switzerland North, Switzerland West, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Japan East, Japan West, Korea Central, Korea South, India Central, Australia East, Australia Central, Australia Central 2, UAE North

Support scenarios

Scenarios Details
Deployments Azure Database for PostgreSQL - Single Server
Azure PostgreSQL versions 9.5, 9.6, 10, 11

Feature considerations and limitations

  • Recommended limit for the maximum database size is 400 GB.
  • Cross-region backup isn't supported. Therefore, you can't back up an Azure PostgreSQL server to a vault in another region. Similarly, you can only restore a backup to a server within the same region as the vault. However, we support cross-subscription backup and restore.
  • Private endpoint-enabled Azure PostgreSQL servers can be backed up by allowing trusted Microsoft services in the network settings.
  • Only the data is recovered during restore; roles aren't restored.
  • Protection of PostgreSQL Flexible server is currently not supported.

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