Technical specifications and compliance for Azure Stack Edge Pro 2

The hardware components of your Azure Stack Edge Pro 2 adhere to the technical specifications and regulatory standards outlined in this article. The technical specifications describe hardware, power supply units (PSUs), storage capacity, and enclosures.

Compute and memory specifications

The Azure Stack Edge Pro 2 device has the following specifications for compute and memory:

Specification Value
CPU type Intel® Xeon ® Gold 6209U CPU @ 2.10 GHz (Cascade Lake) CPU
CPU: raw 20 total cores, 40 total vCPUs
CPU: usable 32 vCPUs
Memory type 2 x 32 GiB DDR4-2933 RDIMM
Memory: raw 64 GiB RAM
Memory: usable 48 GiB RAM
GPU None

Power supply unit specifications

This device has one power supply unit (PSU) with high-performance fans. The following table lists the technical specifications of the PSUs.

Specification 550 W PSU
Maximum output power 550 W
Heat dissipation (maximum) 550 W
Voltage range selection 100-127 V AC, 47-63 Hz, 7.1 A
Voltage range selection 200-240V AC, 47-63 Hz, 3.4 A
Hot pluggable No

Network interface specifications

Your Azure Stack Edge Pro 2 device has four network interfaces, Port 1 - Port 4.

  • 2 X 10 GBase-T/1000Base-T(10/1 GbE) interfaces
    • Port 1 is used for initial setup and is static by default. After the initial setup is complete, you can use the interface for data with any IP address. However, on reset, the interface reverts back to static IP.
    • Port 2 is user configurable, can be used for data transfer, and is DHCP by default. These 10/1-GbE interfaces can also operate as 10-GbE interfaces.
  • 2 X 100-GbE interfaces
    • These data interfaces, Port 3 and Port 4, can be configured by user as DHCP (default) or static.

Your Azure Stack Edge Pro 2 device has the following network hardware:

Here are the details for the Mellanox card:

Parameter Description
Model ConnectX®-6 Dx network interface card
Model Description 100-GbE dual-port QSFP56
Device Part Number MCX623106AC-CDAT, with crypto or with secure boot

Storage specifications

The following table lists the storage capacity of the device.

Specification Value
Boot disk 1 NVMe SSD
Boot disk capacity 960 GB
Number of data disks 2 SATA SSDs
Single data disk capacity 960 GB
Total capacity 2 TB
Total usable capacity 720 GB
RAID configuration Storage Spaces Direct with mirroring

Enclosure dimensions and weight specifications

The following tables list the various enclosure specifications for dimensions and weight.

Enclosure dimensions

The Azure Stack Edge Pro 2 is designed to fit in a standard 19" equipment rack and is two rack units high (2U).

The enclosure dimensions are identical across all models of Azure Stack Edge Pro 2.

The following table lists the dimensions of the 2U device enclosure in millimeters and inches.

Enclosure Millimeters Inches
Height 87.0 3.43
Width 482.6 19.00
Depth 430.5 16.95

The following table lists the dimensions of the shipping package in millimeters and inches.

Package Millimeters Inches
Height 241.3 9.50
Width 768.4 30.25
Depth 616.0 24.25

Enclosure weight

Line # Hardware Weight lbs
1 Model 64G2T 21.0
2 Shipping weight, with four-post mount 35.3
3 Model 64G2T install handling, four-post (without bezel and with inner rails attached) 20.4
4 Shipping weight, with two-post mount 32.1
5 Model 64G2T install handling, two-post (without bezel and with inner rails attached) 20.4
6 Shipping weight with wall mount 31.1
7 Model 64G2T install handling without bezel 19.8
8 four-post in box 6.28
9 two-post in box 3.08
10 Wall mounts as packaged 2.16

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