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Create a work item on failure

If the build pipeline fails, you can automatically create a work item to track getting the problem fixed. You can specify the work item type.

You can also select if you want to assign the work item to the requestor. For example, if this is a CI build, and a team member checks in some code that breaks the build, then the work item is assigned to that person.

Additional Fields: You can set the value of work item fields. For example:

Field Value
System.Title Build $(Build.BuildNumber) failed
System.Reason Build failure

Q: What other work item fields can I set? A: Work item field index

Allow scripts to access the OAuth token

Select this check box in classic build pipelines if you want to enable your script to use the build pipeline OAuth token. This check box is located under the "additional settings" section after selecting the agent job in the pipeline.

For an example, see Use a script to customize your build pipeline.

Default agent pool

Select the pool that's attached to the pool that contains the agents you want to run this pipeline.


If your code is in Azure Pipelines and you run your builds on Windows, in many cases the simplest option is to use the Hosted pool.

Build job authorization scope

Specify the authorization scope for a build job. Select:

  • Project Collection if the build needs access to multiple projects.
  • Current Project if you want to restrict this build to have access only the resources in the current project.

For more information, see Understand job access tokens.

Build (run) number

This documentation has moved to Build (run) number.