Configure TCP reset and idle timeout for Azure Load Balancer

Azure Load Balancer has the following idle timeout range:

  • 4 minutes to 100 minutes for Outbound Rules
  • 4 minutes to 30 minutes for Load Balancer rules and Inbound NAT rules

By default, it's set to 4 minutes. If a period of inactivity is longer than the timeout value, there's no guarantee that the TCP or HTTP session is maintained between the client and your service.

The following sections describe how to change idle timeout and tcp reset settings for load balancer resources.

Set tcp reset and idle timeout

To set the idle timeout and tcp reset for a load balancer, edit the load-balanced rule.

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal.

  2. In the left-hand menu, select Resource groups.

  3. Select the resource group for your load balancer. In this example, the resource group is named myResourceGroup.

  4. Select your load balancer. In this example, the load balancer is named myLoadBalancer.

  5. In Settings, select Load balancing rules.

    Edit load balancer rules.

  6. Select your load-balancing rule. In this example, the load-balancing rule is named myLBrule.

  7. In the load-balancing rule, move the slider in Idle timeout (minutes) to your timeout value.

  8. Under TCP reset, select Enabled.

    Set idle timeout and tcp reset.

  9. Select Save.

Next steps

For more information on tcp idle timeout and reset, see Load Balancer TCP Reset and Idle Timeout

For more information on configuring the load balancer distribution mode, see Configure a load balancer distribution mode.