Enterprise-grade edge

Use Azure Static Web Apps enterprise-grade edge to enable faster page loads, enhance security, and optimize reliability for your global applications. Enterprise edge combines the capabilities of Azure Static Web Apps, Azure Front Door, and Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) into a single secure cloud CDN platform.

Key features of Azure Static Web Apps enterprise-grade edge include:


When enterprise-grade edge is enabled for your static web app, you benefit from caching at various levels.

  • CDN: Caching content on edge locations as physically close to users a possible to reduce latency.

  • DNS: Caching DNS records for faster lookups.

  • Browser: Files are stored in the browser and returned for identical requests.

For further control, you can also create custom cache control headers for your static web app.

Configuration types

You can enable enterprise-grade edge powered by Azure Front Door via a managed experience through the Azure portal, or you can set it up manually.

A managed experience provides:

  • Zero configuration changes
  • No downtime
  • Automatically managed SSL certifications and custom domains

A manual setup gives you full control over the CDN configuration including the chance to:

  • Limit traffic origin by origin
  • Add a web application firewall
  • Use more advanced features of Azure Front Door

Enable enterprise-grade edge


  • Custom domain configured for your static web app with a time to live (TTL) set to less than 48 hrs.
  • An application deployed with Azure Static Web Apps that uses the Standard hosting plan.
  1. Go to your static web app in the Azure portal.

  2. Select Enterprise-grade edge in the left menu.

  3. Check the box labeled Enable enterprise-grade edge.

  4. Select Save.

  5. Select OK to confirm the save.

    Enabling this feature incurs extra costs.


  • Private Endpoint can't be used with enterprise-grade edge.

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