azcopy jobs clean

Remove all log and plan files for all jobs

azcopy jobs clean [flags]


azcopy jobs clean --with-status=completed


-h, --help help for clean --with-status (string) only remove the jobs with this status, available values: All, Canceled, Failed, Completed CompletedWithErrors, CompletedWithSkipped, CompletedWithErrorsAndSkipped (default "All")

Options inherited from parent commands

--cap-mbps (float) Caps the transfer rate, in megabits per second. Moment-by-moment throughput might vary slightly from the cap. If this option is set to zero, or it is omitted, the throughput isn't capped.

--output-type (string) Format of the command's output. The choices include: text, json. The default value is 'text'. (default "text")

--trusted-microsoft-suffixes (string) Specifies additional domain suffixes where Microsoft Entra login tokens may be sent. The default is ';;;;*'. Any listed here are added to the default. For security, you should only put Microsoft Azure domains here. Separate multiple entries with semi-colons.

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