Expanding wildcard arguments

Wildcard argument expansion is Microsoft-specific.

When you run a C program, you can use either of the two wildcards, the question mark (?) and the asterisk (*), to specify filename and path arguments on the command line.

By default, wildcards aren't expanded in command-line arguments. You can replace the normal argument vector argv loading routine with a version that does expand wildcards by linking with the setargv.obj or wsetargv.obj file. If your program uses a main function, link with setargv.obj. If your program uses a wmain function, link with wsetargv.obj. Both of these have equivalent behavior.

To link with setargv.obj or wsetargv.obj, use the /link option. For example:

cl example.c /link setargv.obj

The wildcards are expanded in the same manner as operating system commands.

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