Renewal for Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Engineer Associate

If you have this certification and it will expire within six months, you're eligible to renew. Show that you've kept current with the latest Azure AI updates by passing the renewal assessment. You can also prepare to renew with the curated collection of learning modules.


The English language version of this renewal assessment was updated on April 30, 2024. Localized versions take approximately three weeks after this date to become available.

Skills measured in renewal assessment:

  • Create speech-enabled apps with Azure AI services
  • Translate speech with the Azure AI Speech service
  • Image classification with custom Azure AI Vision models
  • Build a conversational language understanding model
  • Deploy Azure AI services in containers
  • Analyze text with Azure AI Language
  • Apply prompt engineering with Azure OpenAI Service
  • Create question answering solutions with Azure AI Language
  • Implement Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) with Azure OpenAI Service
  • Extract data from forms with Azure Document Intelligence
  • Analyze images

Job role: ai-engineer

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Prepare for the renewal assessment

Use this collection of learning modules to help you prepare for the Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Engineer Associate renewal assessment.


Renewal assessment resources