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FileStream.Length Property


Gets the length in bytes of the stream.

 virtual property long Length { long get(); };
public override long Length { get; }
member this.Length : int64
Public Overrides ReadOnly Property Length As Long

Property Value

A long value representing the length of the stream in bytes.


CanSeek for this stream is false.

An I/O error, such as the file being closed, occurred.


The following example uses the Length and Position properties to check for an end-of-file condition.

if ( s->Length == s->Position )
   Console::WriteLine( "End of file has been reached." );
if( s.Length==s.Position )
   Console.WriteLine("End of file has been reached.");
if s.Length = s.Position then
    printfn "End of file has been reached."
If s.Length = s.Position Then
    Console.WriteLine("End of file has been reached.")
End If


For a list of common file and directory operations, see Common I/O Tasks.

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