Enhanced customer and vendor document layout


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Business value

Businesses deal with multiple customer and vendor contacts who are responsible for different areas of operation, such as accountants, purchasers, and warehouse people. Each of these contacts must be sent different sets of documents generated by Business Central.

You can now save time while sending documents to different customer or vendor contacts by setting up specific contacts to use with specific documents. For example, customer statements will be sent to accountant contacts, sales orders to your customers' purchasers, and purchase orders to vendors' salespeople or account managers.

Feature details

You can now populate the Document Layouts page for vendors and customers based on settings on the Report Selection page. To send specific documents to specific company contacts, choose the company contacts to use for specific document layouts.

The Document Layouts page for a customer now contains additional usage options for reminders and posted shipments. The Document Layouts page for a vendor now contains additional usage options for purchase orders and posted return shipment.

Document Layouts page for customers

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