Changes to the action bar in lookup dialog boxes


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Users by admins, makers, or analysts Jul 31, 2020 Oct 1, 2020

Feature details

We are simplifying how actions are presented in lookup dialog boxes. This applies only to dialog boxes with OK and Cancel buttons. Examples of these pages include:

  • Advanced lookups, such as when you choose Select from full list in a lookup drop-down list.

  • Pages that are launched modally by code where the LookupMode property is set to true and the return value is referenced by that code. Learn more about the LookupMode Method.

A lookup dialog box showing the condensed action bar

It is common to reuse standard page objects to power these dialog boxes, which often come with a large number of actions that might mislead or distract the user when they are trying to look up something. By starting out with fewer actions displayed, users get a cleaner interface that does not draw focus away from their primary task, which is to choose a record.

Users requiring more efficiency can choose to expand the simplified menu into the full action bar on any lookup dialog, and Business Central will remember that preference.

Enabling the feature ahead of time

The change will be automatically enabled on all environments in Business Central Update 18 (Q2 2021), but customers who are upgrading can enable it on their environment as early as October 2020. To enable the change, sign in to your Business Central online environment and navigate to the Feature Management page, then enable this feature for all users.

Learn more about Feature Management.

Try it now

To experience an example of the change, sign in to Business Central and navigate to the Time Zones lookup from the My Settings window.

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