Database access intent changed to read-only for frequently used reports


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Business value

Businesses need fast access to information, and don't want other tasks to slow down while the system finds or calculates it. For several reports where you only want to view information, we've changed the default database access intent to use the read-only replica.

Feature details

To improve performance in reporting, we have changed the default database access intent to read-only for a number of frequently used reports. The reports will use the capacity of a read-only replica rather than share the read-write replica (also known as the primary database). Using the database replica reduces the load on the primary database.

For more information, see Managing Database Access Intent.


Read scale-out might introduce a slight delay when reading data from a database's secondary replica. The delay is caused by the way high-availability databases replicate data changes from the primary database to secondary replicas. If a delay isn't acceptable for an object, you can overwrite the default database access intent.

The following sections list the reports for which we changed the default database access intent.

Reports in W1

Report ID Report name
3 G/L Register
4 Detail Trial Balance
6 Trial Balance
13 VAT Register
38 Trial Balance by Period
101 Customer - List
105 Customer - Summary Aging
109 Customer - Summary Aging Simp.
111 Customer - Top 10 List
112 Sales Statistics
113 Customer/Item Sales
119 Customer - Sales List
120 Aged Accounts Receivable
121 Customer - Balance to Date
129 Customer - Trial Balance
305 Vendor - Summary Aging
310 Vendor - Labels
311 Vendor - Top 10 List
321 Vendor - Balance to Date
322 Aged Accounts Payable
705 Inventory Availability
707 Inventory - Availability Plan
712 Inventory - Sales Statistics
717 Inventory - Reorders
1001 Inventory Valuation
1008 Job Analysis
5757 Items with Negative Inventory
5808 Item Age Composition - Value

Reports in US, Canada, and Mexico

Report ID Report Name
10019 G/L Register
10021 Trial Balance Detail/Summary
10022 Trial Balance
10023 Trial Balance, per Global Dim.
10026 Trial Balance, Spread Periods
10040 Aged Accounts Receivable
10046 Customer Register
10047 Customer Sales Statistics
10085 Aged Accounts Payable
10103 Vendor Account Detail
10110 Vendor 1099 Information
10130 Availability Projection
10131 Availability Status
10135 Item Sales Statistics
10139 Inventory Valuation
10143 Item List
10145 Item Sales by Customer
10146 Item Turnover
10155 Purchase Advice

Reports in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland

Report ID Report name
11517 Inventory Value (Help Report)

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