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When a company decides on a cloud solution such as Dynamics 365 Business Central online, they have certain expectations for how well connected the solution is to surrounding business productivity services, such as banking, payroll, and electronic invoicing providers. Cloud connectivity to operational productivity services is expected with a modern business solution in the cloud. Connectivity to these types of providers largely exists already, but isn't easily discovered by customers of Business Central, who will have to manually search AppSource for the right solution for their business. Thus, customers of Business Central meet some friction when they want to realize the expectations of their investments into a cloud solution. By offering customers better discoverability, installation, and setup of these types of apps, unnecessary friction is removed, and their business can more quickly become productive and focus on the more complex areas of onboarding.

In 2022 release wave 2, we are adding an in-product experience that will make it easy for users to find relevant connectivity apps that are available in AppSource. We also make these apps easy to install and easy to set up. We start with the apps that offer online bank connectivity.

The apps that are shown in this in-product experience will have certain requirements imposed upon them, such as usage and quality criteria, as well as a minimum set of features and capabilities. More information about what is required for ISVs to get apps listed will be published at a later stage.

Foundational improvements to installation and setup of AppSource apps will be added in this release, to the benefit of all ISVs who have published apps to AppSource.