Caption Property

Version: Available or changed with runtime version 1.0.

Sets the string that is used to identify a control or other object in the user interface.

Applies to

  • Table
  • Table Field
  • Page Field
  • Field Group
  • Page
  • Request Page
  • Page Label
  • Page Group
  • Page Part
  • Page System Part
  • Page Action
  • Page Action Separator
  • Page Action Group
  • Xml Port
  • Report
  • Query
  • Query Column
  • Query Filter
  • Report Column
  • Enum Value
  • Page Custom Action
  • Page System Action
  • Page File Upload Action
  • Page View
  • Report Layout
  • Profile
  • Enum Type
  • Permission Set


The property has three optional parameters; Locked, Comment, and MaxLength.

 Type: Boolean
If true the Caption is locked and should not be translated.

 Type: Text
Descriptive text for the Caption, for example, with regards to translation.

 Type: Integer
Sets the maximum length of the specific Caption.


Caption = 'Name';

Or, with parameters:

Caption = 'Name', Locked = true, Comment = 'Keep like this, do not translate.', MaxLength = 20;


A caption is the text used to show the identity of a control. For example, in the caption bar of a page or a label for another control.


For query columns, when you run the query from Object Designer, the About This Query window that opens in the RoleTailored client displays the value for the Name Property of the query column, not the Caption property or CaptionML Property.

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