Set Up or Change the Chart of Accounts

The chart of accounts (COA) shows the ledger accounts that store your financial data. Business Central includes a standard COA that is ready to support your business. You can, however, change the default accounts, and you can add new accounts.

Add or change accounts

From the COA, you can open each general ledger (G/L) account and add or change settings. Hover over a field to read a short description.

If necessary, you can use more than one line for a general ledger account name. On the G/L Account Card page, in the Account group, choose Extended Texts, and then fill in one or more lines with the account name and copied text.

For accounts of the Total account type, you must fill in the Totalling field. For End-Total accounts, this field is filled in automatically by the Indent function. After you have set up all the accounts, choose the Process action, then choose Indent Chart of Accounts.


If you have entered definitions in the Totalling fields for End-Total accounts before executing the indent function, you must enter them again because the function overwrites the values in all End-Total fields.

Delete accounts

You can delete a general ledger account. However, before you delete it, the following must be true:

  • The balance on the account must be zero.
  • The Allow G/L Acc. Deletion Before field must be set on the General Ledger Setup page, and the account must not have ledger entries on or after that date.
  • If the Check G/L Account Usage field on the General Ledger Setup page is selected, then the account must not be used in any posting groups or posting setup.

Business Central prevents you from deleting a general ledger account that stores data that is needed in the chart of accounts.

Block deletion of G/L accounts

APPLIES TO: Business Central 2022 release wave 1 and later

2022 release wave 2 introduces an extra safeguard against the accidental deletion of G/L accounts even in the scenarios where the criteria are met.

A new field, Block Deletion of G/L Accounts, has been added to the General Ledger Setup page. When set to Yes, the field acts as an extra validation that means you cannot delete G/L accounts with ledger entries after the date in the Check G/L Acc. Deletion After field. To delete such an account, a user with access to the General Ledger Setup page must first set this field to No.

Setting the Block Deletion of G/L Accounts field to Yes can be considered a best practice, as is setting the date in the Check G/L Acc. Deletion After field, for example to the date by which you're required to store your finance data.

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