Setting Up Service Management

Before you can start using Service Management features in Business Central, there are a few things to set up. For example, you can establish coding for standard services, symptoms, and fault codes, and the service items and service item types that your company's customer service needs require.

When you set up Service Management, you must decide what services to offer customers and the schedule for those services. A service is a type of work performed by one or more resources and provided to a customer. For example, a service could be a type of computer repair. A service item is the equipment or item needing servicing, for example, the computer needing repair, installed at a specific customer. You can set up services as part of a group of related repair or maintenance items.

When you define a service, you can associate it with the skills required to perform the service. To help your service representatives be efficient, you can also set up real time troubleshooting guidelines and assign typical startup costs, such as travel costs or other fees.

The following table describes a sequence of tasks, with links to the topics that describe them.

To See
Set up codes that automatically assign lines on service documents for services you deliver often. Set Up Codes for Standard Services
Establish general settings that control aspects of Service Management Processes. Configure Service Processes
Define how your organisation works with fault reporting. Set Up Fault Reporting
Set up the service offerings that your company delivers to customers. Set Up Service Offerings
Provide troubleshooting guidelines that help service reps deliver faster service. Set Up Troubleshooting
Set up resource allocation to make it easy to assign the right resource to a service task. Set Up Resource Allocation
Define pricing for services, and set up additional service costs to assess on service orders. Set Up Pricing and Additional Costs for Services
Set things up so you can track resource hours and service order status in order to forecast workloads and service needs. Set Up Work Hours and Service Hours
Set up repair status options so that you can monitor progress on repairs. Set Up Statuses for Service Orders and Repairs
Set up a loaner program, so you can lend a substitute while you work on a service item. Set Up a Loaner Program
Set up service items and service item components. Set Up Service Items
Lay the groundwork for creating service contracts and contract quotes. Set Up Service Contracts

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