Setting Up Warehouse Management

A company's distribution strategy is reflected in the configuration of its warehouse processes. This includes defining how different items are handled in different warehouse locations, such as the degree of bin control and the extent of workflow required between warehouse activities.

The following table describes a sequence of tasks, with links to the topics that describe them.

To See
Get an overview of the capabilities of basic versus advanced warehouse functionality. Warehouse Management Overview
Set up eight different bin types, such as Picking Bin, to define the flow activities that relate to each bin type. Set Up Bin Types
Create bins, either manually or automatically, with information, such as name, number series, and category, according to a bin template. Create Bins
Define which items you want to store in any given bin and set the rules that decide when to fill the bin with a particular item. Create Bin Contents
Set an item up to always be placed in a specific bin. Assign Default Bins to Items
Create templates to govern where and how items are put away during directed put-away. Set Up Put-away Templates
Set users up as warehouse employees at specific locations. Set Up Warehouse Employees
Define different types of bins across the warehouse to control where items are placed according to their type, rank, or handling level. Set Up Locations to Use Bins
Make additional settings to an existing location to enable it for warehouse activities. Convert Existing Locations to Warehouse Locations
Enable picking, moving, and putting away for assembly or production orders in basic warehouse configurations. Set Up Basic Warehouses with Operations Areas
Set items and locations up for the most advanced scope of warehouse management where all activities must follow a strict workflow. Set Up Items and Locations for Directed Put-away and Pick
Define when and how items in warehouse locations are counted for maintenance or financial reporting purposes. Count, Adjust, or Reclassify Inventory
Enable warehouse workers to break a larger unit of measurement into smaller units of measurement to fulfil the needs of source documents. Enable Automatic Breaking Bulk with Directed Put-away and Pick
Set up the warehouse to automatically suggest items to be picked that expire first. Enable Picking by FEFO
Get tips on how to reorganize locations, bins, or zones to obtain more efficient warehouse activities. Restructure Warehouses
Specify default reports to be used for different document types. Report Selection in Business Central

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