Marketing on LinkedIn


This article only applies to outbound marketing.

LinkedIn is a social network that focuses on companies, professionals, and working life. It can be a great source for running targeted campaigns, exploring professional networks, and generating new leads. Dynamics 365 Customer Insights - Journeys offers several features for running and integrating marketing campaigns on LinkedIn. Integration points include:

  • Schedule and publish social posts to LinkedIn personal and company pages from Customer Insights - Journeys
  • Import leads generated by LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms into Customer Insights - Journeys
  • Design customer journey triggers that react to Lead Gen Form submissions
  • Create LinkedIn Matched Audiences based on Customer Insights - Journeys segments

This article gives an overview of these integration points and includes links for more information.


To use or try out this feature you need a LinkedIn profile and must enable the LinkedIn Campaign Manager for that account. You can then create ad campaigns, generate test leads, and synchronize matched audiences for free. If you decide to actually run an ad campaign on LinkedIn, LinkedIn charges may apply, as established in the LinkedIn terms of use.

Integrate with LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

Lead Gen Forms are a LinkedIn feature that lets you attach forms to target marketing campaigns that you run on LinkedIn. LinkedIn users that fill out and submit one of these forms are indicating an interest in your campaign, which identifies them as potential leads.

Import leads generated by your LinkedIn campaigns

Normally, LinkedIn simply provides you with a list of LinkedIn users that submitted one of your lead-gen forms, together with the answers they provided. But when you incorporate your LinkedIn account with Customer Insights - Journeys, all of these leads generated on LinkedIn are automatically synced as leads in Dynamics 365. Each incoming lead can either update an existing lead (if a match is found) or create a new one. Furthermore, each incoming new lead can be linked either to a matching contact (if found) or to a new contact created for the lead (if no match is found).

For information for users about how to link your LinkedIn account to Dynamics 365 and how to analyze the leads synced from LinkedIn, see LinkedIn Lead Gen integration.

For information for administrators about how to set up this feature, see Set up the LinkedIn Lead Gen integration and define a lead matching strategy.

Use LinkedIn form submissions to trigger decision points in customer journeys

You can configure customer journey triggers to react when contacts on that journey submit a Lead Gen Form during a specific LinkedIn campaign while the journey is active. To do so, use a LinkedIn-campaign tile to link each contact who passes through it to the relevant LinkedIn campaign. This makes it possible for a subsequent trigger tile to react to submissions of any LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms that belong to that campaign.

You'll often use this feature in combination with a LinkedIn Matched Audience that's based on one of your Customer Insights - Journeys segments. That way, you can target the same segment of contacts with your customer journey as you do with the LinkedIn campaign linked to the LinkedIn-campaign tile.

For more information about the LinkedIn campaign tile for customer journeys, see LinkedIn campaign.

For more information about customer journeys in general, see Use customer journeys to create automated campaigns.

Create LinkedIn Matched Audiences from Dynamics 365 segments

LinkedIn Matched Audiences is a LinkedIn feature that lets you match a collection of contacts stored on an external system to an audience of LinkedIn members with matching email addresses. Customer Insights - Journeys comes ready to take advantage of this capability, so you can leverage your Customer Insights - Journeys static segments to create a matching audience of LinkedIn members. Then, when you run a campaign on LinkedIn, you can target the same segments that you set up in Customer Insights - Journeys and also turn any leads generated on LinkedIn into Dynamics 365 leads through the LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms integration feature mentioned previously.

For more information about matched audiences, see Market to segments on LinkedIn with LinkedIn Matched Audiences

Post updates directly from Customer Insights - Journeys to LinkedIn

Customer Insights - Journeys can schedule and post messages directly through any of your organization's social-media accounts, including on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This lets you establish your content and posting schedule using the Customer Insights - Journeys calendar, where you'll also be able to see a full history of your posts to all supported social media sites.

For information for users about how to author and schedule posts on LinkedIn and other social-media sites, see Schedule and post messages on social media.

For information for administrators about how to configure each of your organization's social media accounts for use with this feature, see Configure your social media accounts.