Write plug-ins to extend business processes

Whenever possible, you should first consider applying one of the several declarative process options to define or apply business logic. More information: Automate your business processes in Customer Engagement (on-premises).

When a declarative process doesn’t meet a requirement, as a developer you have several options. This topic will introduce common options to write code.

A plug-in is custom business logic that you can integrate with Customer Engagement (on-premises) to modify or augment the standard behavior of the platform. Plug-ins are event handlers since they are registered to execute in response to a particular event being fired by the platform.

The following topics describe how to add custom business logic to Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (on-premises) through the development and registration of plug-ins. For more information about the run-time execution of plug-ins and the plug-in development framework, see Event Framework.


The documentation that follows describes additional options only available in on-premises environments. For general information about writing plug-ins that work for both on-premises and online deployments, read the Use plug-ins to extend business processes topic in the Dataverse documentation.

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