Create configuration providers and mark them as active

This article explains how a user assigned to the System Administrator or Electronic Reporting Developer role can create a configuration provider for Electronic reporting (ER). Each ER configuration will refer to the provider as the author of the configuration. In this example, you will create a configuration provider for sample company, Litware, Inc. These steps can be performed in any company as ER configuration providers are shared among all companies.

Create a provider

  1. Go to the navigation pane in the upper left corner and select Organization administration.
  2. Go to Workspaces > Electronic reporting.
  3. Go to Related links > Configuration providers.
  4. Select New.
    • A provider record has a unique name and URL. Review the content of this page and skip this procedure if a record for Litware, Inc. ( already exists.
  5. In the Name field, type Litware, Inc..
  6. In the Internet address field, type
  7. Select Save.
  8. Close the page.

Select as an active provider

  1. Select the Litware, Inc. provider.
  2. Select Set active.

Electronic reporting workspace page.