Playbook for Accessible Gaming Events (PAGE) V1.02

Version 1.02 was published on Oct 26, 2023.


At Xbox, we aspire to a world where everyone can participate in gaming. However, this vision doesn’t just apply to playing games. Ensuring the accessibility of websites, gaming apps, media assets, and more is also critical to achieving our goal of everyone feeling welcome and included in the Xbox Community and the broader gaming community.

Industry events are no exception to this rule. In this guide, we will share best practices our team has learned over years and years of working with the Gaming & Disability Community at events such as the Game Developers Conference (GDC), gamescom, E3, Xbox Fanfest, and more. Much like our Xbox Accessibility guidelines, these best practices are designed for event product teams as a catalyst for generating ideas and a set of guardrails when planning. They can also be used when evaluating the accessibility of an event at its completion.

Additionally, like the Xbox Accessibility Guidelines, this is an aspirational and living document which will evolve as Microsoft continues to learn from our Gaming & Disability Community as we continue to strive constantly improve our events.

Important Note: Following this document does not guarantee compliance with any laws or regulations relating to the accessibility of events. It is critical to investigate local, state, and national laws related to accessibility before your event and ensure they will be met.

Overview of PAGE information

PAGE contains the following information in each guideline:


Introduces the guideline.

Scoping questions

Intended to help planners get a better understanding of where to start. By answering these questions, event planners can better understand if the guideline in question is applicable to their event.

Implementation guidelines

Provides guidance that helps ensure events have a base level of accessibility for a broad set of disabilities. This helps eliminate barriers that guests with disabilities commonly experience.

Example content

Features example images, when available, to display what proper implementation of a particular guideline can look like.

Resources and tools

Provides a list of related external articles, videos, and other resources for readers who are interested in learning more about a particular aspect of game event accessibility.

In this section

Guideline Description
101 Registration
102 Venues
103 Social Media
104 Catering
105 Speakers, Videos, and Presentations
106 Web Content and Applications
107 Game Demo Stations
108 Attractions and Activations
109 SWAG and Merch
110 Staff
111 Transportation
112 Post-Event
Supplemental Supplemental Materials

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