itemInsights resource type


APIs under the /beta version in Microsoft Graph are subject to change. Use of these APIs in production applications is not supported. To determine whether an API is available in v1.0, use the Version selector.

Relationships between a user and items such as OneDrive for Business documents, calculated using advanced analytics and machine learning techniques. You can, for example, identify OneDrive for Business documents trending around users. Derived from officeGraphInsights.

Insights are returned by the following APIs:

  • Trending - returns documents from OneDrive for Business and from SharePoint sites trending around a user.
  • Used - returns documents viewed and modified by a user. Includes documents the user used in OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint.
  • Shared - returns documents shared with a user. Documents can be shared as email attachments or as OneDrive for Business links sent in emails.

Each insight is returned with a resourceVisualization and resourceReference complex value type (CVT). The resourceVisualization CVT contains properties such as title and previewImageUrl. Microsoft uses the visualization properties to render the files in experiences like Office Delve.

Limiting item insights

Update insightsSettings to disable item insights for a specific Azure AD group or an entire organization. For more details, see customize insights privacy.




Relationship Type Description
trending trending collection Calculated relationship identifying documents trending around a user. Trending documents are calculated based on activity of the user's closest network of people and include files stored in OneDrive for Business and SharePoint. Trending insights help the user to discover potentially useful content that the user has access to, but has never viewed before.
used usedInsight collection Calculated relationship identifying the latest documents viewed and modified by a user, including OneDrive for Business and SharePoint documents, ranked by recency of use.
shared sharedInsight collection Calculated relationship identifying documents shared with or by the user, includes file attachments in emails and meetings, as well as URLs and Reference attachments to OneDrive for Business and SharePoint files found in emails, meetings, and Teams conversations. Ordered by recency of share.

JSON representation

Here is a JSON representation of the resource

  "id": "string",
  "trending": [ { "@odata.type": "microsoft.graph.trending" } ],
  "used": [ { "@odata.type": "microsoft.graph.used" } ],
  "shared": [ { "@odata.type": "microsoft.graph.shared" } ]