Unified cloud.microsoft domain for Microsoft 365 apps

Microsoft is unifying user-facing Microsoft 365 apps and services to a single and consistent domain: cloud.microsoft.

The growth of Microsoft cloud services led to the expansion of the domain space they occupy, resulting in hundreds of domains. This fragmentation is a challenge for end user navigation, administrative simplicity, and the development of cross-app experiences.

The .microsoft top-level domain is exclusive to Microsoft. The new domain doesn’t have traditional suffixes such as .com or .net in the end. This is by design. cloud.microsoft resides under the .microsoft top-level domain, for which Microsoft is a registry operator and the sole registrant. This domain allows for extra security, privacy, and protection against spoofing when you interact with apps within that domain. You can trust that any website or app that ends with cloud.microsoft is an official Microsoft product or service.

Benefits of a unified domain

Consolidating authenticated user-facing Microsoft 365 experiences to a single domain benefits customer in several ways. For end users, it streamlines the overall experience by reducing sign-ins, redirects, and delays when navigating across apps. For admins, it reduces the complexity of allowlists that are required to help your organization stay secure and productive. For all our customers – and our developers – this change helps align for better and tighter integration across the Microsoft 365 ecosystem by streamlining development and improving performance of cross-app experiences.

'Dot brand' top-level domains like .microsoft enhance security, trustworthiness, and integrity. Microsoft has exclusive rights to the .microsoft top-level domain, enabling enhanced security protocols and governance controls. All experiences on the .microsoft domain are legitimate and authentic, as Microsoft is the registry operator and sole registrant.

Security considerations

To ensure that customers and users can treat everything under the *.cloud.microsoft domain as fully trusted, the entire domain hierarchy is isolated, purpose built, and dedicated to hosting only secure and compliant Microsoft product experiences. The domain is managed to the highest standards of domain security and reputation, and is kept free of scenarios such as third-party websites, IaaS/PaaS resources (such as file and blob storage), and hosting of active content, code or scripts that may affect the trust and integrity of products and applications residing in the domain.

Requirements for admins

Organizations currently following standard Microsoft network guidance on domains and service endpoints shouldn't see an impact to the Microsoft 365 experience. The *.cloud.microsoft domain is already added to the official list of Office 365 URLs and IP address ranges.

Microsoft product and service URLs

The following Microsoft 365 products and services are now available in the cloud.microsoft domain.

Service URL
Microsoft 365 Service Health Status Page status.cloud.microsoft
Microsoft Admin Center admin.cloud.microsoft
Microsoft Loop loop.cloud.microsoft
Microsoft Mesh mesh.cloud.microsoft
Microsoft Setup setup.cloud.microsoft
Microsoft Sway sway.cloud.microsoft
Microsoft Viva Engage engage.cloud.microsoft
Microsoft Viva Goals goals.cloud.microsoft
Microsoft Viva Home viva.cloud.microsoft
Microsoft Viva Insights insights.cloud.microsoft
Microsoft Viva Learning learning.cloud.microsoft
Microsoft Viva Pulse pulse.cloud.microsoft
Microsoft Viva Skills skills.cloud.microsoft

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