Reseller Performance dashboard – Cloud product performance

Appropriate roles: Global admin | Admin agent | Report viewer | Executive report viewer

The reseller performance dashboard in Partner Center Insights provides an overview of the performance of various Indirect resellers of a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Indirect Provider. The dashboard provides data on the resellers who are active, how much revenue they generate, and what products are driving revenue. Indirect Providers will be able to search for a specific reseller by name and look up details for the reseller in the reseller performance dashboard.

You can view the following sections from the Reseller Performance dashboard.

  • Summary
  • Geographical spread of resellers
  • Resellers add/churns
  • Resellers revenue trend
  • Reseller performance by products
  • Active resellers by partner locations
  • Revenue geo distribution trend
  • Reseller performance by customer segment
  • Reseller Microsoft Partner Agreement (MPA) signing status


This report is available from the Insights dashboard. To view this report, you must be assigned a specific role in Partner Center, such as Global admin, Account admin, Report viewer, or Executive report viewer. For more information, see your company's Global admin. Specific types of data in this report might also be available only to users with Executive report viewer privileges.