Manage your Microsoft Cloud Partner Program membership benefits and offers in Partner Center

Appropriate roles: Global admin | User management admin | Admin agent | MPN Partner Admin

When you join the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program (formerly MPN), you get access to membership benefits that can help you to build and grow your business. If you're not already a member of the Cloud Partner Program, you can join at the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program membership page.

Manage your membership benefits in Partner Center

To view and manage all of your membership benefits, go to Partner Center Benefits.

To use the membership benefit package that you've purchased, you need to distribute software keys, licenses, subscriptions, and other benefits to employees.


Although you don't have to be a Global admin in your organization to purchase benefits, you do need to be a Global admin to assign benefits to employees. If necessary, you can become a Global admin by following the instructions at Partner Center Benefits (sign-in required). Your company may already have a Global admin, so be sure to check with your team.

Benefit packages include allocations of licensed software, cloud services, Visual Studio subscriptions, and technical support. Benefits packages can also include Go-To-Market resources, offers, and market-related programs. You can get details about Microsoft Action Pack subscription on the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program site.

To activate most benefits or download related software keys, Partner Center typically requires someone assigned the role of Global admin or MPN Partner Admin. If you can't see any benefits or are unable to activate benefits, check with your Partner Center Global admin to ensure that you have the right permissions. Learn more about Partner Center roles.

Manage software benefits

To manage your software benefits, use the following steps:

  1. Sign in to Partner Center and select Benefits.

  2. Select Software to see your list of software benefits.

  3. Find the product you want to start using and then select the down arrow at the far right of the row to expand the product's details.

  4. For each software product you want to start using:

    a. Select Get keys to reveal the product license keys. Be sure to follow any special instructions listed.

    b. Select the language you want the product to be displayed in.

    c. Select the operating system (OS) type of the computers you plan to install the software on.

    d. Follow the links to download and install the software installation packages.

Azure and cloud products

The Azure & Cloud Products tab shows

  • Usage-based subscriptions (Azure credit)
  • License-based subscriptions (such as Office 365) that are provisioned
  • How many licenses for each product
  • The offer type that provisioned that benefit product to you
  • The benefit type (whether it comes from core or incremental)
  • The expiration date of that benefit.

Usage-based subscriptions - Microsoft Azure Credit

There are two types of usage-based subscriptions that you could receive, depending on the type of offer you have active as a Microsoft Cloud Partner Program Partner—Microsoft Action Pack subscription (MAPS), Silver and/or Gold—monthly credit or bulk credit.

You can be provisioned with:

  • $100/month (or equivalent in local currency) Azure monthly credit and/or
  • $6,000, $12,000 or/and $13,000/year (or each of them equivalent in local currency) Azure bulk credit

To activate a Microsoft Azure subscription in Partner Center, assign access to a user within the company who has a user entry in your Azure Active Directory. (The user can be a guest user.)

For the $100/month (or equivalent in local currency) Azure monthly credit, you can add or remove users from this subscription at any time.

For the Azure Bulk (yearly) Credit, the remove option isn't available in Partner Center, but you can transfer the bulk credit to someone else during your enrollment year. To transfer your bulk credit to another user, please contact support to be guided accordingly.


Azure Bulk (yearly) Credit subscription can't be combined with other licensing, prepaid, or credit offers. (That is, it can't be combined with Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, Cloud Solution Partner, Azure in Open, Azure Pass, Action Pack, and so on.)


Review the acceptable use of Microsoft Azure Credit subscriptions found under the Additional Terms section of the Azure Benefit for Partner Center.

License-based subscriptions

The license-based subscriptions section of the Azure & Cloud Products tab lists all the cloud products that require a product key for activation, such as Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Intune, Azure AD basic, and Power BI. The type of offer that you've active as a Microsoft Cloud Partner Program Partner—MAPS, Silver, or Gold—controls which products are listed.

To activate the license-based subscriptions, select the dropdown symbol in line with the product of interest and read the instructions about how to redeem the keys. After you've read the instructions, select the link that redirects you to the portal to redeem keys and the assigned key for your product.


After a key is redeemed, it cannot be redeemed a second time, so make sure that you understand whether you need to add more licenses (seats) or extend the end date. If you choose to add more licenses and not extend end date, the system will provide you with less than 12 months of active subscription. Make sure you are logged in with the correct credentials to activate the keys on the correct tenant.

Manage Visual Studio subscriptions

To manage your Visual Studio subscriptions:

  1. Sign in to Partner Center and select Benefits.

  2. Select Visual Studio subscriptions to see a list of your Visual Studio subscriptions.

  3. Find the subscription that you want to start using and then select the down arrow at the far right of the row to expand the subscription's details.

  4. To activate a Visual Studio subscription, select a user from the list and then select Assign user.


    If the user you want to assign is not in the list, you can add new users in Account settings.

  5. Repeat this process for each subscription you that want to assign. Users can manage their subscriptions in the Visual Studio portal.


    Visual studio subscription administrators can reassign subscriptions from one subscriber to another if 90 days have passed since the time of the original assignment. For more information, read the Microsoft Partner Programs Guide.

Manage Technical Benefits—Microsoft Product Support

This section describes how to activate and manage technical support benefits in the Partner Center.

To see your Product Support technical benefits in Partner Center, use the following steps:

  1. Sign in to Partner Center and select Benefits.

  2. Select Technical benefits. The Technical benefits page displays your organization's active Gold, Silver, or Microsoft Action Pack membership offers.

  3. Select View details to view the Activate button. Following activation, all users see the Access ID and Contract ID.

    • Activate the technical benefit. View Details and select Activate. (If the Activate button isn't available (appears dimmed), your account doesn't have the Global admin or MPN Partner Admin security role.) Use User Management and filter to find a user to activate your benefits.

    • View and share product support Access ID and Contract ID. After activation, all users will see the Access ID and Contract ID . You or your company's users need to share and use this information the first time you submit a support request for an account.

  4. Technical support (Break-fix). Use this type of technical support when functionality is broken or when something isn't working as expected (such as when you receive an error message). Here's some guidance:

    • Signature Cloud Support: For Gold/Silver competency partners only (not available to Action Pack subscribers), use Signature Product Support for Cloud products.

    • Microsoft Product Support: For both Action Pack and Gold/Silver competency partners, use Microsoft Product support incidents for recent on-premises products (current and previous versions only).


      Access ID and Contract ID are required for technical support requests for On-premises, Azure (non-CSP), and Dynamics products.

To learn more, see Technical support for on-premises or cloud products

Manage Technical Benefits—Partner Advisory Hours

Partner Advisory Hours are the currency used for Technical Presales and Deployment services (TPD). Use the following steps to submit a request. (Activation or user assignment isn't required).

To see your Partner Advisory Hours technical benefits in Partner Center, use the following steps:

  1. Sign in to Partner Center and select Benefits.

  2. Select Technical Benefits to see your Partner Advisory hours.

  3. On the bottom right of the page, select Submit technical presales and deployment request to submit your request.


    If the technical benefits page displays the message "Looks like you don't have any benefits yet," you have signed in using a partner account that does not have Gold, Silver, or Microsoft Action Pack offers, so you are not eligible to use the service, or you used the wrong account to sign in.

Learn more about Technical Presales and Deployment services (TPD)

Manage go-to-market offers

To manage your go-to-market offers:

  1. Sign in to Partner Center and select Benefits.

  2. Select Go-To-Market to see your list of offers associated with the Go-To-Market with Microsoft program.

    Go-To-Market features offer more marketing resources, offers, programs, and assistance that may be available to you. The types of offers available depend on your partner level and any competencies you may have already obtained.

  3. To activate any go-to-market offer or program, you must first assign a company marketing contact. This contact will receive follow-up communications about your active Go-To-Market offers.

  4. To add or update your marketing contact information, go to the top of the Go-To-Market page, then select Add, Update, or Change. Next, do the following steps:

    a. Select a user from the list. If the user you want to assign isn't in the list, you can add new users in Account settings.

    b. Provide an email address for the user that's different from the email address associated with your company's Partner Center account.

    We'll email instructions for using your Go-To-Market offer to your designated marketing contact's email address.

    c. Provide the contact phone and preferred language for this marketing contact. After you finish entering this information, select Assign user.

  5. After you update your marketing contact, find the Go-To-Market offer you want to start using, then select the down arrow at the far right of the row to expand the offer's details. The list will display each type of offer available below the Benefit name (such as, Silver Core, Gold Core, or ISV Co-sell ready).

  6. Select Activate.


    It can take several days to email instructions to the assigned marketing contact and activate a Go-To-Market offer. After the offer is activated, you'll see changes on the Go-To-Market page. In the Status column, you'll see the offer change to Active. In the Expires column, you'll see the date the offer expires. You can use the offer until its expiration date. You can learn more about the different types of Go-To-Market resources, offers, and programs available at Explore your Go-To-Market with Microsoft offers.

Cancel a membership benefit or offer

To cancel a benefit or offer and receive a refund, you must make the request within 30 days of purchase and haven't activated the software benefits. Request the cancellation through a service request.

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