List OData feeds


This feature has been deprecated. Alternatively, use the portals Web API to interact with the data.

On the OData Feed tab, you can enable the list to render as an OData formatted data feed.

When enabled, a table can be published to an OData feed. The OData protocol is an application-level protocol for interacting with data via RESTful web services. Data from this feed can be viewed in a web browser, consumed by a client-side web application, or imported into Excel.


Lists that have OData feeds enabled require appropriate table permissions setup for the feed on these lists to work. Hence, you must enable table permissions on a list that has OData feeds enabled.

  • Latest portal solutions will show the following error, and won't allow you to save the list without enabling table permissions:
    "Table permissions must be enabled from the General tab because the OData feed is enabled."
  • Older portal solutions don't show the above message. However, for the lists with OData feeds enabled, table permissions are always considered enabled even if you save the list without selecting Enable Table Permissions setting explicitly.

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