Create a site with Power Pages

Power Pages provides a list of templates to choose from to quickly build your site. Customize and design your site using the new Power Pages design studio. Choose a default template to build your site or use scenario-based templates to accelerate creating your site.


We've created a series of tutorials and videos for you to learn to use Power Pages, where you start with a simple site and progressively add components and features as your business requires. For more information, go to Power Pages tutorials.

  1. Go to Power Pages.

    The first time you visit the site, you'll be presented with a Try it for free button and be able to sign up for a free, 30-day trial.

  2. Select the Microsoft Dataverse environment in which to create a site.

    Selecting a Microsoft Dataverse environment.


    It is not recommended to create a site in the default environment as it is shared across all the users in the tenant, and has a risk of sharing data with unintentional users.

  3. On the home page, select + Create a site.

  4. Review the available templates. For more details about each template, you can also hover over the template, and choose Preview template. And then, follow different views across devices to preview the template experience.

    The design studio GUI with default template selected.


    Prefer a template that best aligns to what you want to use your site for. If none of the business need templates match what you're looking for, choose one of the Site design templates with cross-industry solutions, or choose Blank page to customize the website from scratch. More information: Power Pages templates

  5. After you finalize the template of your choice, select Choose this template.

  6. Validate the default site name and web address that have been created, and then select Done.

    The design studio with site provisioning options displayed.


    It might take a few moments for your new site to be provisioned. You'll be able to modify the name and web address later.

  7. After the site is created, you can begin to edit or preview your site.

    Power Pages home page with site created.

Additional info

To speed up the process when you create a site with a new trial environment, the site metadata for all the templates will be preloaded and appear as website records in the Portal Management app.

Website records in Portal Management app.

Discover Power Pages for website creation

The following video is an overview of using Power Pages to create websites.

Next steps

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