Set up server-side synchronization of email, appointments, contacts, and tasks

You can use server-side synchronization to synchronize your email system with Microsoft Dataverse apps at the server level. Dataverse apps could be first-party model-driven apps, like Dynamics 365 (online) apps or custom apps. For example, you can synchronize Dataverse model-driven apps with Microsoft Exchange Online (hosted email server) or Microsoft Exchange Server (on-premises). If you synchronize with Exchange Online or Exchange Server, in addition to Outlook email, you can synchronize Outlook appointments, contacts, and tasks.

You can also use server-side synchronization to synchronize Dataverse apps with a POP3 email server for web-hosted email like Gmail or If you synchronize email with a POP3 email server, you can’t synchronize appointments, contacts, and tasks, however.


Using encryption software (such as Vaultive) together with server-side synchronization is not supported.

If you use server-side sync, you won't be able to view S/MIME encrypted messages. Encrypting emails with S/MIME requires an application to use an S/MIME control which server-side sync does not support. For more information on S/MIME encryption, see Encrypt messages by using S/MIME in Outlook Web App.

Synchronization scenarios

Choose one of the following scenarios to configure server-side synchronization for your organization:

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