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Failure after selecting Test & Enable Mailbox in Microsoft Dynamics 365

This article provides a solution to a failure that occurs after you select the Test & Enable Mailbox button.

Applies to:   Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Original KB number:   4091246


After you select the Test & Enable Mailbox button, one or more of the test results shows as Failure.


One of the tests necessary to enable the mailbox for Server-Side Sync didn't complete successfully.


  1. Open the mailbox record.


    Mailbox records can be found by navigating to Settings, Email Configuration, Mailboxes, and changing the view to Active Mailboxes.

  2. Review any notifications that appear in the yellow notification banner at the top of the form.


    If a message appears indicating the mailbox won't be processed until it's approved by an Office 365 administrator, which indicates a user with the Office 365 Global Administrator role needs to select the Approve button. For more information, seeEmail cannot be sent because the email address of the mailbox requires an approval by an Office 365 administrator.

  3. Select the Alerts section on the left side of the mailbox form.

  4. Look for any errors and review the message that is displayed.


    If no errors appear, navigate to Settings, Email Configuration, and then Email Configuration Settings. In the Configure alerts section, verify the Error option is selected. If it wasn't already selected, enable this option and select OK. Then select the Test & Enable Mailbox button again and check for any errors.


    When doing the Test & Enable Mailbox action, make sure to select the checkbox that appears in the dialog.

  5. Select the Learn more link if it appears. If there's an article designed to help with that specific error, this link will direct you to it.