SharePoint Page Transformation webcast series

SharePoint Page Transformation allows you to transform your classic wiki, web part and publishing pages into modern pages. Most of SharePoint Online customers do have sites with classic pages which can be "upgraded" to modern pages and to make this easier for you we've created this series of short videos that walk you through the various aspects of Page Transformation. Page transformation typically is done via PnP PowerShell and the videos in this series focus on that. You, however, can also use .NET code if you prefer that. If you're familiar with page transformation you can immediately jump to your session of interest, if you're new to it then it's recommended to watch the introduction session first.

Video Description
Introduction to SharePoint Page Transformation Page transformation enabled you to transform your classic wiki, web part and publishing pages into modern pages. This is the first video in a series and focusses on the sketching the big picture. It's highly recommended to watch this video first, before diving into the other videos that handle a specific topic.
Getting started with Page Transformation using PnP PowerShell Want to use page transformation? This short video will show you how to do so by, driven by demo's, explain the basic transformation approach. Besides that the video will also cover how to handle page name swapping, or put differently "how can I create the modern page with the name of my old page".
Set up Page Transformation logging via PnP PowerShell Getting detailed logging during page transformation will help you understand what happened and why. Learn how to configure logging to file and to SharePoint in this short video.
Handling page metadata and permissions during Page Transformation Real world pages often have custom metadata defined, sometimes they also have custom permissions defined. Curious how page transformation handles that? Check out this video to learn all you need to know.
Introduction to publishing Page Transformation using PnP PowerShell Ever wanted to transform you classic publishing pages into modern pages? Check out this introduction video that shows how you can transform basic publishing pages.
Page Transformation for publishing pages based upon custom page layouts Real world publishing pages often use a custom page layout, have additional metadata, require custom content types...all of these requirements can be implemented using Page Transformation. Check out this video to learn more about this advanced scenario.