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Explore SharePoint Server hybrid

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Discover how a SharePoint hybrid environment using SharePoint Server and SharePoint in Microsoft 365 can integrate functionality and access between the services and features of both environments.

Online + On-premises = Hybrid

Offload your users' personal storage to SharePoint in Microsoft 365 with hybrid OneDrive. Maximize the reach of Search to get search results from both SharePoint Server and SharePoint in Microsoft 365. Extend access to Microsoft Business Connectivity Services data and applications to the cloud. The following articles describe the currently supported SharePoint hybrid options and configurations and will help you decide which hybrid solution you should use to meet your business goals.

When you're done exploring, plan your hybrid deployment.

Content Description
The building blocks of Microsoft 365 hybrid
This chalk talk video covers the major components of Microsoft 365 hybrid. If you're considering a hybrid solution, watch this video to learn more about how all the pieces fit together.
Minimum public update levels for SharePoint hybrid features
Learn which SharePoint Server updates are required to enable the various hybrid features.
SharePoint hybrid sites and search
Learn about the available hybrid features related to sites and search that can help create a cohesive user experience between SharePoint Server and SharePoint in Microsoft 365.
Learn about cloud hybrid search for SharePoint
Learn about cloud hybrid search, its advantages, and what search experiences are available for your users.
Learn about hybrid federated search for SharePoint
Learn about the different scenarios available for hybrid federated search and what search experiences they enable for your users.
Hybrid Configuration Wizard in the SharePoint admin center
Learn about the Hybrid Configuration Wizard and which hybrid scenarios it enables.

Hybrid for SharePoint Server