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In this learning path, you'll discover why innovation is critical to achieving a competitive advantage. You’ll be able to use the frameworks and guidance provided to help organize your business for adaptability, establish an innovative mindset, and coinnovate with external partners. Achieving these three milestones will help foster the knowledge, skills, and cultural mindset needed to infuse innovation into the core of your business. You’ll learn how the speed at which an organization can influence technology and its people to experiment, reinvent, and grow is what will set them apart in a competitive landscape.



Modules in this learning path

Staying ahead of the competition comes down to finding new ways of thinking, communicating, and working when the old ways no longer cut it. It’s about being adaptable and displaying the leadership necessary to guide people through disruption. But what does that mean in practice? And what roles do innovation and technology play in getting there? In this module, we’ll examine how to evaluate and redefine the relationships between your organization’s people, practices, and outcomes. Only by transforming these structural systems can technology help build the capacity needed to adapt and remain competitive.

Success is defined in many ways, by numerous variables. But one common thread among 'successful' organizations is that they're creating the right culture that helps innovation thrive. To stay competitive in the market, organizations need to think strategically about enhancing and scaling employee creativity to create a culture that cultivates an innovative mindset.

While it's essential to have alignment on the inside, businesses can't exist without connecting to what's outside. External points of view play a key role in understanding how innovation efforts impact people and communities beyond your organization. Collaborating with external partners and even customers can help you go beyond innovation for innovation's sake and provide meaningful solutions to your customers, communities, and even society.